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Nationalisme en autoritair crisismanagement in Hongarije

Nederlandse vertaling onderaan
Nationalism and Authoritarian Crisis Management in Hungaria
Friday 6 September 2013
7.00 PM
Anarchistische Bibliotheek/Bollox, Eerste Schinkelstraat 14-16, Amsterdam

“God, bless the Hungarians!” is the opening call of the “National Creed” in the new Hungarian Constitution. It glorifies a reactionary and antirepublican symbol which also stands for the great-Hungarian ideal: the “Holy Hungarian Crown”. The Constitution is just an example of the enormous changes in Hungary. What the ruling Fidesz party, elected in 2010 with a two-third majority, calls a “national revolution”, is actually the expression of an ethnic-nationalist agenda which covers all aspects of society. The fascist Jobbik, being the third strongest power in parliament, contributes to this too. With its Hungarian Guard – a direct reminiscence to the national-socialist Arrow Cross Party – it has shaped the social climate, from which anti-gypsyism and antisemitism are indispensable. The presentation gives insight into the appearance of this ethnic-nationalsit ideology in the political reforms but also in the depth of the social sphere.

=AGA= op: 27/08/2013 om: 20:51u [link]

Vijfhonderd vluchtelingen... mogen we even applaus?

Beste mensen, u kunt allemaal gerust gaan slapen. De BV Neederland heeft vijfhonderd vluchtelingen gered die anders ten dode opgeschreven zouden zijn. De BV Neederland strooit graag met cijfertjes om aan te tonen dat we het zo goed doen allemaal, dus ik heb even uitgerekend hoeveel er dat op jaarbasis zijn over 2013, en schrik niet: dat zijn 1.3698630137 vluchtelingen per dag! Veel hè?!

Serieus waar! Bijna anderhalf mens per dag wordt uit een situatie van bedreiging en angst gehaald bij gratie van de loterij van onze Man in Charge Fred Teeven en zijn IND Chief of Staff Rob van Lint. Mogen we even applaus?

applausrutteteeven400 (101k image)

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=Joke Kaviaar= op: 26/08/2013 om: 14:41u [link]

Faces of deportation: Just another operation?

Deportation charter flights. They are a military operation. They are covered in the utmost secrecy. So much for a transparent democratic state! How much different are these mass deportations from the trains that left for the concentration camps during the second World War?

charter-flight400-px (123k image)

Ah, but they are not similar at all! The Nazi’s were crude, blatant fascists and they did not really try to hide what they were up to. Not that it made any difference.. the Dutch government sent back Jews that took refuge in the Netherlands, because Hitler was a friendly head of state they did not want to offend. This is a clear similarity to the current Dutch (and European) policy regarding refugees. After all, sending people back to unsafe countries is exactly the same practice today! But you got to hand it to them: the Dutch (or any other European) government did and does not mass murder anyone themselves, they merely cooperate, which of course is an entirely different thing. All they do is to not safeguard refugees from torture and murder, as they organize their deportation.

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=Joke Kaviaar= op: 15/08/2013 om: 20:04u [link]

Faces of deportation: Accuse the profiteers!

The article below is the text of a speech held during the demonstration to conclude the No Border Camp in Rotterdam August 2 -10. This demonstration was held on Saturday August 10 (Report with video's here).

deportatieprofiteur (49k image)

Some people face deportation. Other people ARE the face of deportation. They are immigration officers, police officers, they are politicians, judges, prison guards. They are also: the company that built the prison, the commercial airline that deports women, children and men, the companies that deliver all the high tech solutions to effective border control.. We can hardly begin to name them all, that's how many there are. Profiteers of deportation and detention, making money out of other people's misery. It is a matter of investment in human rights violations. It is hidden in society, out of sight for the public. And those responsible pretend they are only doing their job as if they were bakers, taxi drivers, merely delivering the mail. It's an industry, it's thriving, flourishing, no matter how big the so called crisis. No austerity measures for them. Booming business, that's what it is! And the capitalist economy depends on it. It depends on it, like it depends on slave labor, on exploitation of the third world, on selling weapons to dictators. And we are supposed to accept that?!

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=Joke Kaviaar= op: 11/08/2013 om: 19:46u [link]

Leger overrompelt sociaal centrum in Sebastopol

Overval door een eenheid van het Russische leger op het gekraakte sociaal centrum "Herfstbal" in Sebastopol, De Krim (Oekraïne).
Meer hierover hier.

=Cornelis Prul= op: 09/08/2013 om: 09:43u [link]

Faces of deportation: face the consequences!

Imagine.. You went through a lot of trouble getting here. Here.. in Europe. Imagine.. you had to buy a false passport and then you had to throw it away. Imagine, you lost not only your home, your family and friends, and all the documents to prove that you were being prosecuted, tortured, threatened, beaten up, bombed, almost killed. You even lost the papers to prove who you are, where you were born and raised, from which part of the planet you came. Imagine that. You are lost. You are non existent.

dtv-zw (54k image)

And imagine, you lost all your money that once you had saved and had to spend on yet another profiteer of your misery, just to buy your way out of fear, to buy your way through and across barbed wire, border patrol, electric fences, bodies of water, search lights, dogs, walls and watch towers, obstacles between life and death, just to buy your way into freedom, or so it seemed.

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=Joke Kaviaar= op: 01/08/2013 om: 11:43u [link]

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