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12/08/2012: "Moord door politie: R.I.P. Rishi - zondag 9/12 16 u. Den Haag Hollands Spoor - spoor 4"

Last Monday we were at the station of The Hague HS, where friends of Rishi, the 17 year old kid that got murdered by the police, were standing near the place where he got shot. They were harassed by security guards who wanted to take away the candles and flowers. One of us recorded some video material and interviewed some friends of Rishi, plus some sympathizers.

Since the police and security finally removed all the commemoration things for Rishi on Tuesday, Rishi's friends are now calling everyone to come to The Hague HS, track 4, at 16.00 this Sunday, to re-claim the space and make sure this murder will not be forgotten.

Bring candles, flowers, graffiti, whatever! Don't let the police get away with this!

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